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Music Performance Artist, Composer


Nawras Altaky is a composer, improviser, vocalist and Ud player based in Utrecht the Netherlands. Born in 1995 in “ As-Suwayda ”, or the Druze mountain of south Syria.

In his compositions and performances, he explores world music through interdisciplinary collaborations and intercultural projects, next to performing a varied repertoire of classical, traditional, modern, experimental and world music.

NRC: “Altaky distinguished a warm baritone voice with which he can sing breathtakingly, colourful, softly and effectively build tension through a sublime sense of timing.”

As a performer Altaky shared the stage with Caro Emerald, Ellen Ten Damme, Oene van Geel, Janne Schra, Tony Roe and many other wonderful artists.

He was chosen as one of the most promising classical musicians in The Netherlands and Belgium for the next decade by the Dutch Newspaper NRC.

As a composer Nawras expresses the strong connection between the different musical cultures he experiences such as Arabic and Western music. All merged in a virtuosity of contemporary and modern compositions flavoured with the beauty of Arabic melodies, the freedom of jazz harmonies and the power of classical counterpoint.

His inspiration is mostly driven by his values such as, freedom, humility, honesty, love and joy.

Altaky supports his message delivery with text, performance arts and visual arts.

Worked as a composer at the Music Meeting in Nijmegen. Currently working as a composer for the Grachtenfestival festival in Amsterdam.

Performed for, Grachten Festival, Le Guess who, International Music Meeting, North See Round Town, Wonderfeel festival, Tweetakt, Djemaa el Fna, The Parade, Gaudeamus, On The Roof and more.
Performed in, Het Concertgebouw Amsterdam, Paradiso, Bimhuis, TivoliVredenburg ( Grote zaal, Hertz, CloudNine, Ronde and pandora), Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam, Stadsschouwburg Utrecht, De Meervaart, Theatre Walhalla, Stadsschouwburg Leiden, Splendor, Kleine Komedie, Luxor Theater and more.

In 2017 he formed his own band Dyar (which means home in Arabic) together with Lucas Dols (double bass), Modar Salama (percussions) and Ghaeth Almaghoot (clarinet).

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