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MaDaBa "Echoes Of Mawaal" + "Damascus by Night" at November Music Festival 2023 | مَاْدَبَا
Nawras Altaky

MaDaBa "Echoes Of Mawaal" + "Damascus by Night" at November Music Festival 2023 | مَاْدَبَا

MaDaBa “The City of Mosaics” Nawras Altaky - vocals & ud (SYR) Tony Roe - piano & electronics (NL) Sjahin During - Afro Anatolian percussion (TR/NL) Ghaeth Almaghoot - Clarinet ( SYR) مَاْدَبَا MaDaBa is a captivating musical group that was formed in the spring of 2023 in the Netherlands. Their original compositions blend mesmerizing melodies, dynamic rhythms, and captivating stories, resulting in a vibrant improvisational world where tradition and innovation seamlessly intertwine. The name "MaDaBa" pays homage to an ancient town in the Levant called "The City of Mosaics," reflecting the group's passion for merging the past and present. Through their music, MaDaBa aims to create a meeting point between the Orient and Occident, showcasing their dedication to bridging cultural influences and exploring new musical horizons. ---------- Recorded 7th of Nov 2023 at November Music Festival Filmed by: Jameel Arsheed Recorded by: Wijnand de groot Special thanks: Koen Graat , Programmering & Publiciteit November Music - Muziekpodium Paradox Titles: 0:00 Echoes Of Mawaal 6:37 Damascus by Night Contact: #contemporary_arabic_jazz #contemporary_jazz #contemporary_arabic_music #jazz #music #muziek #trio #piano #jazzpiano #percussion #anatolian #singer #vocalist #pianist #improv #improvisation #sufi #dance #innovation #composition #composer #maker #creator #influencer #storytelling
MaDaBa "Damascus By Night" at Amman Jazz Festival 2023 |  دِمَشقُ في المسَاْء -  مَاْدَبَا
Music Meeting SESSIONS - Fuensanta Méndez and Nawras Altaky

Music Meeting SESSIONS - Fuensanta Méndez and Nawras Altaky

Fuensanta Méndez (double bass, vocals) & Nawras Altaky (ud, vocals) The music of Mexican double bassist and singer Fuensanta Méndez is that of someone who gives it absolutely everything, without any reservations. Born and raised in the moist forest of Veracruz, her bass playing, as relaxed as it is efficient, is the guide for a musical journey which destination nobody knows, but everybody clearly wants to come along for. Singer and ud player Nawras Altaky, who fled his Syrian homeland during the civil war, wears his heart on his sleeve. The beauty of his music and the emotion in his voice can be understood everywhere despite language barriers. The chemistry of Fuensanta and Nawras’ dreamy, melancholic singing and their harmonising string instruments will bring warmth to your ears. Music Meeting Sessions are recorded at Festivalhuis, Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Curated & produced by Music Meeting Audio recording & mixing by Mark Peters - MPC Soundlab Filming & editing by Felipe Pipi & Tijmen de Vries * MUSIC MEETING | Nijmegen (NL) | Music Meeting invites you to discover artists, explore their sound, understand their culture and hear their story. Music Meeting brings together music lovers everywhere, both online (All Ears) and offline (Festival and Concerts). * Check more on * Music Meeting social channels: * Please subscribe to our channel!
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